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DOG - Only dog's will judge me now...

Good always overcomes Evil o

War crimes AGAINST humanity will be judged. If you want to dictacte the people, simply step down as the holy spring will overthrow you. Lucifer may be back to kill this world off. Time to do good, before he may take you away back to the gates of hell.

This specimen is god's gift, one simple patch to eternal happiness and good luck.
99% Honesty, 99% Charity, 99% Happiness

Illuminati means enlightened, in Latin. Do not believe that the illuminati are evil, they have been brainwashing the population, with messages from God for a while. We do not believe in human sacrifice, it is just our misfortune.

Ancient Latin Script

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Maecenas feugiat consequat diam. Maecenas metus. Vivamus diam purus, cursus a, commodo non, facilisis vitae, nulla. Aenean dictum lacinia tortor. Nunc iaculis, nibh non iaculis aliquam, orci felis euismod neque, sed ornare massa mauris sed velit. Nulla pretium mi et risus. Fusce mi pede, tempor id, cursus ac, ullamcorper nec, enim. Sed tortor. Curabitur molestie. Duis velit augue, condimentum at, ultrices a, luctus ut, orci. Donec pellentesque egestas eros. Integer cursus, augue in cursus faucibus, eros pede bibendum sem, in tempus tellus justo quis ligula. Etiam eget tortor. Vestibulum rutrum, est ut placerat elementum, lectus nisl aliquam velit, tempor aliquam eros nunc nonummy metus. In eros metus, gravida a, gravida sed, lobortis id, turpis. Ut ultrices, ipsum at venenatis fringilla, sem nulla lacinia tellus, eget aliquet turpis mauris non enim. Nam turpis. Suspendisse lacinia. Curabitur ac tortor ut ipsum egestas elementum. Nunc imperdiet gravida mauris.

English Translation - by Google Translate

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Angels fight with devils.
YHWN vs Lucifer. Lucifer's power is growing everyday. Keep faith in Jehovah. This could end up in defeat...
And then Jehovah said: מֵעוֹלָם לֹא, לְעוֹלָם לֹא, אַף פַּעַם, מֵעוֹדִי
Then Yeshua agreed with our saviour, Jesus, and agreed with his father.

Adam and Eve were equal. #genderequality

Make peace, not war.
All the holy books are similar. Some could argue they are the same book, stop fighting over religion and join forces. #united #religion

Be who you want.
Don't let nothing hold you back from your HALO. #alterego

St.George is ALIVE.
St.George is still alive. #stgeorge

Impossible is nothing. God was bold.
Dreams are not impossible. Dreams are a virtual reality, open your eyes. #impossible

Bankers are really wankers...
The banking system is corrupt. This is a well known fact, but society accepts it. #bankers

Be wired. What is being normal? Normal is a pre-defined state, which is also known as being a follower, and being like everyone else in this universe. Be yourself. Normal is boring... #wired

We are KINGDOM. Earth must be UNITED.
Earth is KINGDOM, we are all UNITED. #KINGDOM

Churchill fought for freedom.
Churchill fought for freedom, not WAR. Evil sits at the top. #nickclegg

I am David. I am a nazio, take me to hello.
I might actually go see my friends 'n see hello... You are a nazio, get out of here.

The FBI have issued a warrant for the arrest of 666.
Too late to do good, Mr.Cameron. You have already been sentenced to an eternity in Azkaban. #davidcameron

I want to hand myself in to Taliban.
David Cameron is an evil man, who has committed war crimes against humanity. #davidcameron

War crimes are against humanity.
Calm down, only 453 troops have died so far... as long it was none of my "upper class", its fine, right? #davidcameron
Reality check bro, the toll will keep rising to 666.
Dog's need to get on a lead. #davidcameron

Nazi Britain needs to be cleansed.
Cuntism. What a shit party he has now.
Upper class will always be upper hand, join the new party called Upper Hand. Join the upper hand in upper class. He is a pirate, should put a patch on his right eye. Life lesson one - Upper class WILL ALWAYS remain upper hand. Go home David, go join your "UPPER CLASS" in hell. #upperhand

Evil couldn't care less about puppies and hood rats in the sewers of LDN. He went to Oxford, that is all that matters. The class system has been pre-defined by the rich and wealthy, so the bottom class can never get to the top, unless they are lucky. #davidcameron

Light travels faster than the sound of faeces. Keep it real Cameron. #enlightenedcameron

I thought I was the chosen one.
Lost touch with reality? Contact David Cameron, and take a selfie. #selfie

Where the fuck am I?
I thought I would go to heaven... not an eternity in hell. #prdisaster

Believe in dog.
Persea, the land of the free. Islamic reFriend of Iran.

God, did resurrected something Easter 2014, a fallen angel. #jesusisback #lucifer

Crucify B.Liar not Christ...
Witches need to be burnt, like the olden days. Bliar Witch Project #tonyblair

Every soul was born with good and evil within them, even the Mona Lisa. Enlighten your GoOD side #angels

Hillingdon Hospital, the birthplace of something special. #hilllingdon

People say Jesus had unlimited intellect, unlimited strength and unlimited people skills than your average human being. #jesus

Putinism is wrong. Let nature take its course. #putinism

The message I am trying to send is so simple:


A encrypted message spread all over the deepweb, that only god will understand what it means...

רק אלוהים ישפוט אותי עכשיו.

Nkulunkulu kuphela uyokwahlulela nami manje.

Ní ghlacfar ach le Dia breithiúnas orm anois.

ਕੇਵਲ ਈਸ਼ਵਰ ਹੁਣ ਮੈਨੂੰ ਨਿਰਣਾ ਕਰੇਗਾ.

கடவுள் மட்டுமே இப்போது என்னை தீர்ப்பு வரும்.

فقط خدا به من قضاوت خواهد کرد.

One Simple Message. Keep faith in the upper power of God, or he will lose his battle in the heavens to the evil one. He needs support, from all his believers. Watching people kamikaze in the name of Allah is wrong...

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